You can serve up the best food in the world, but unless the public knows about it you might as well be cooking a ready meal for one.


When it comes to getting covers in your restaurant and a buzz in the dining world, Only Food & Drink knows what it takes.

Our restaurant marketing team can draw up a publicity strategy that includes social media networking, PR stunts, food blogger outreach and print media coverage.

We know where to find your target market, and how to get their mouths watering.

If you're launching a new eatery, we have an experienced event management team who can introduce your new location to foodies with a flourish.

But if your existing business is failing to excite, we are equally adept at turning things around. Remember, it only takes one fresh ingredient to turn a bland dish into an exceptional dish.

Our food PR professionals have a bulging contacts book of the movers and shakers in the world of food and drink, and we keep ourselves up to date on what's cooking in the industry.

We are the Only place to come to put your restaurant on the culinary map.

To find out how Only Food can take your
restaurant to the next level, contact
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