Food retail marketing is not just about knowing what sells - but how to sell it.


As a retail food marketing agency we can help you get a bigger slice of the consumer pie.

We have been working with the biggest food retailers in the UK for more than 20 years not to mention launching countless food brands into supermarket chains. 

So, as you would expect, we bring lashings of knowledge and generous helpings of experience to the table. Here are a few of the services on our food retail marketing menu.


The creative team at Only Food & Drink produces TV, print, web, cinema, billboard and radio advertising that stands out and brings the customer straight to your door. For that big idea, hard-hitting slogan or inspired image, you Only have to call us.


As food PR specialists we know how to generate coverage by placing articles, news stories and blogs that get published on merit - because they are topical, relevant and people want to read them.


Bloggers are a trusted source of information, especially in the food industry where many are cropping up in advertising. We have experienced bloggers on the Only Food & Drink team who know their onions, and can make your online audience sit up and take notice.

Communication Audits

You can't move forward without first looking back and learning lessons from the past. Our relationship with any new client usually involves conducting a full audit of what has been done before - what did work and what didn't - so we know the best strategy for the future. Sometimes hindsight really is a great thing.


Our team of trained journalist can make words work for you in just the right way, with clear, crisp copy that's right on-message. Every day we produce news releases, website text, words for brochures, video scripts... You name it, Only Food & Drink can meet all your copywriting needs.

Corporate Communications

Food PR is not always about the soft and fluffy. Only Food & Drink can help you build your food or drinks brand so it impresses investors, shareholders, food journalists, corporate partners and, of course, employees.

Crisis Management

Smart communication is the centre of successful crisis management. During that time when you'd rather not be in the limelight, one rash or ill-informed statement could damage the business or product you've worked so hard to build. Let us take the heat. The food crisis team at Only provides a turnkey service, on call 24/7 to look after you and your business. 

Direct Marketing

Speaking directly to the customer has never been more effective. Only Food & Drink delivers fantastic direct marketing solutions, with a 3D approach to building relationships with consumers. From moving customers to make their first purchase, to inspiring them to settle on a lifelong brand choice, we know how to spur the market into action.

Event Management

Food events drum up business by giving your consumers a taste of what you can offer. But they need to be commercially focused, meticulously planning and diligently implemented. The Only Food & Drink team tick all the event management boxes, having organised countless PR stunts, food launches, restaurant openings, food shows and exhibitions.

International PR

Only Food & Drink spans the globe as a multi-lingual agency, driving PR and food marketing campaigns all over the world. If you're launching your product abroad, or opening a store or restaurant in a foreign-speaking company, we're the Only choice for all your food PR needs.

Market Research

You may have an idea of what sells and where to sell it, but in business it's more about knowing the answer, rather than thinking you have it. The market research specialists at Only can get into the mindset of your core consumer and find out exactly what's going to make for a winning sales strategy.

Media Relations

Who better than former journalists to advise on how to get the best out of the press? Only Food & Drink employs more trained journalists than any other agency on the planet. Making us the Only place to go to maximise your visibility in print, broadcast and internet media.

Food PR

Whether it's a new store launch, or a fresh food brand about to hit the shelves, we know how to get your news maximum coverage. Our team of food journalists and public relations experts can make your news topical and relevant so it doesn't fly under the radar. A food PR stunt can add personality and generate media coverage, or perhaps you prefer a carefully managed social media campaign to get the online world licking its lips. We know every possible way to make your audience sit up and take notice.

Retail Strategy

With an in-depth knowledge of the food and drinks industry, Only Food & Drink can advise you on the best outlets for your food brand or product. We can make the pitch that gets you on the right shelves, whether it's in large supermarkets or small boutique stores, and make you visible to your core consumer. Without the right strategy, a good product can easily fail to reach its potential. Let Only Food & Drink take it to the max.

Social Networking

An online buzz can be just as effective as a carefully-orchestrated advertising campaign. The power of social media is growing by the day and businesses ignore this at their peril. Food and drink is one of the most shared and searched-for categories online, with many specialist food communities popping up on the internet. We know the best destinations on the information superhighway and how to harness the power of social media.

Thought Leadership

Smart food brands are admired because they don't run with the pack. They think and act differently, blazing their own trail. The food PR team at Only Food & Drink helps trend-setting food and drinks brands demonstrate thought leadership in action.

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