The prestige of chefs has risen over the past few decades, making them rock stars of the modern era.


But it takes a lot more than skills in the kitchen to become a big name in the culinary world.

Whether you're looking to expand your horizons into media appearances, or just make your name the one which brings punters flocking to your restaurant, we can make it happen.

Only Food & Drink's team of food PR and restaurant marketing experts know how you can stand out in a highly-competitive industry.

Our communications specialists offer media training in how to make your passion for food translate into the public arena. To hold your own amongst the Jamies and Nigellas of this world, you need more than just luck and enthusiasm.

We can advise on your niche market, your image, your unique selling point.

Our contacts in the food and drinks industry span the world of television, radio, magazines, newspapers and, of course, the internet.

Our chef marketing services can make your name the one on everyone's lips.

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