When discussing food, there are no better digital tables to gather around than social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.


Every day of the year, food is a hot online topic. Your brand needs to be at the forefront of the web chatter.

A sizzling social media campaign can aid the launch of new products, while special offers and competitions drive sales as well as building the fame of your brand.

You can also use social networks to build and manage strong relationships with your customer base.

The Only Food & Drink team is highly experienced at creating and delivering mouth-watering social media campaigns that will produce a significant commercial return.

Our food marketing strategies extend beyond headline social media sites to discussion platforms where you can grow your customer base one chat at a time.

We can report what's being said, improve your presence and help to identify and reach key influencers in the food retail sector. We can reach new audiences and turn engagment into positive advocacy.

We can:

  • Set up, manage and refine official food brand presences on relevant platforms, such as LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Develop and manage groups, either closed or open, to boost reach and drive engagement
  • Design and manage a relevant content plan to achieve specific objectives
  • Integrate social media with other food marketing activities
  • Provide training and guidance on social media and delivering the right message

We have the recipe for success - speak to us.

We can get your food and drink brand on the right networks and get the social media conversations firing.
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