We pride ourselves on being the most media savvy food marketing team on the planet.


Operating exclusively in the food and drinks PR sector, we know food writers, bloggers, editors, reviewers, food programme makers, TV chefs, and consumer journalists better than any of our rivals.

Our contacts range from trade and consumer media to traditional and digital outlets, spanning the world of television, radio, magazines, newspapers and, of course, the internet.

The Only Food & Drink team includes former print and broadcast journalists, bloggers and food marketing experts with decades of experience, a talent for new and inspired ideas and bulging contacts books.

We are creative thinkers, with a shrewd and dynamic understanding of the media agenda across all timeframes and formats.

We enjoy long-standing relationships with many of our clients who reap the benefits of our intelligent approach to getting their business noticed.

Our talented and highly-trained team have the know-how to deal with:

You can take all of these services, or just pick n' mix whatever suits you. Our communications strategies can be expansive, or tailored to target a niche audience.

Proactive food PR is our number one focus, but we also supply our clients with crisis PR services.

Over the years we have handled everything from product recalls to the world’s worst outbreak of e.coli which claimed 21 lives.

We are the Only palatable dish on the menu for your food PR needs.

When it comes to PR for food and drink brands
we really are the Only option.
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