If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy your goose may soon be cooked by the competition.


Almost everyone is mobile these days, and surfing the web on the move is now second nature to most of us.

It may take a decade, but many experts are predicting that PCs and laptops are on borrowed time.

Mobile is the fastest growing medium the world has ever seen. Its growth brings huge disruption... and massive opportunity.

So how does your website display on a tablet or mobile device? Is it fast to download and easy to read? Can customers make purchases or add comments when they want to?

Have you ever thought about SMS campaigns for special promotions and competitions?

A good food or drinks PR campaign ignores mobile marketing at its peril.

Mobile marketing is now recognised as one of the most measurable forms of marketing available. Only Food & Drink exists to help you make sense of mobile. We solve business problems, increasing sales, developing customer engagement and enhancing productivity.

And we do all of this through brilliant mobile strategy, innovation and technology.

If you're not up to speed with mobile advertising we can help you with mobile media planning and media buying, as well as creative services to make your food marketing more visible on the move.

Don't worry about catching up with the competition. We can help whisk up sales and put your brand in the mobile shop window.

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