Nothing brings a brand to life like a well-managed event.


For more than 20 years we've been planning and staging events for the food and drinks sector.

We’ve organised everything from glamorous awards dinners, product tasting roadshows, to food and drinks launches.

Some events are glitzy while others are gastronomically commercial. They may be aimed at the trade or targeting consumers.

We consider every aspect of the event, to make sure it runs smoothly with no stress for you or your company. And we consider the small finishing touches that will make it memorable to all those who come along. Our niche is creative and bespoke ideas for every occasion.

Many of our events are highly newsworthy and our food PR and drink marketing expertise means we know how to capitalise on that potential.

We have stolen TV, newspaper and magazine headlines for Pertfetti Van Melle with Mentos Coke Fountain displays on London’s South Bank, and turned heads at Royal Ascot with a model sporting an Edam cheese hat.  

Famed for our creative ideas and attention to detail, we take an inspired concept for a food and drinks event and carry it through to a successful outcome.

We plan, research, deliver and evaluate every element of an event. From the destination, venue, programme, method of message delivery, content of presentations, team building and social activities; we ensure the event reinforces our clients’ messages at every touch point.

At Only Food & Drink we know how to maximise an audience’s attention span, and how to pace and engage them throughout an event.

We are experienced in putting together pre and post-event programmes ensuring your message is positioned long before an event starts, and reinforced long after a live event has finished.

No event is too big or small for the Only Food & Drink team. Whatever the size, we'll have your event cooking with gas.

To discover more about our food and drink
event marketing expertise, contact
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