While media attention is usually a good thing for the food retail sector, there will be times you'd rather not be there.

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And that's when the company or brand you've spent years building up risks being damaged by negative publicity.

We have the biggest and most effective crisis management team in the food and drinks sector.

Our crisis team has seen it all and that's why we are retained to provide communications support to some of the leading brands in the food and drinks sector.

It's a time when ill-informed or rash statements to the media could damage your company's reputation in mere seconds. So let us take the heat.

For an industry that’s so well regulated, we are never short of work controlling everything from food poisoning incidents to product recalls.

A crisis management plan not only needs to include traditional public relations, but also digital media. Nowadays with the rapid spread of information virally, customers have an easily accessible way to address their issues, via social media, to hit a company where it hurts.

A good crisis management plan will encompass social and online media, ensuring the company has a robust policy for dealing with any potentially harmful customer feedback.

Most of the crisis situations we handle stay within our control and never break into the public domain. We'd love to tell you what they were - but then we wouldn't be doing our jobs very well, would we?

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