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Effective communication skills lie at the heart of any food marketing campaign.

When seeking a food copywriter you need someone who not only has an in-depth knowledge of the food and drinks industry, but a passion and understanding for the subject that will make your copy authentic and compelling.

That's why the Only Food & Drink team has a healthy mix of journalists, bloggers and food PRs, giving us the knowledge and talent to hit just the right note whether you need words for your website, text for a recipe book or sparkling copy for a wine label.

We offer clear, concise and creative copy which gets to the heart of your business or brand.

Content is now such a crucial part of online marketing, especially for receiving good search engine rankings. So it's important to find a food copywriter who can create shareable as well as exciting content.

We can advise you on content strategy, editorial ideas and ways to engage with your social media audience. Even more crucially, we understand what to write to make your customers love you.

Only has the biggest and most talented copywriting team on the planet; producing everything from crisp advertising copy to drafting pleasant but firm responses to customer complaints.

Our expertise in food marketing and drinks PR, and our way with words, means we're the Only choice to deal with all your copywriting requirements.

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