A brand is much more than a name and a logo. Anyone in the food retail sector knows that.


It sums up the values of a product or company; the promises it makes to the audience it interacts with.

Any designer can produce a logo, but creating a great brand requires a great product, careful positioning and sophisticated food marketing.

Great brands promise much and deliver more.

At Only Food & Drink, we understand brands and how to build them.

We exclusively focus on the subtleties of creating and launching new products in all categories and consumer need states. And by doing so we ensure we are branding food products that are shelf-evident and capture the hearts of consumers. 

The process starts with a branding audit. We ensure we're clear about where the product is going, its audience and positioning in the marketplace and its price point.

Once we answer these and 101 other questions, we can move to the next stage – a branding workshop, agreeing the personality, tone and unique selling point.

Only then do we have the essence which will bring the food marketing process to life and begin our work on the logo, strapline, and plans for launch and marketing.

To ensure great brands last a lifetime, their creation deserves a bit of time and a lot of thought.

Whether it's restaurant branding, beer advertising, or developing a eye-catching logo which enhances food marketing to children, we have a talented in-house branding team ready to make it happen. 

Of course you can really taste the passion, love and care that has gone into a product. But it's branding that helps the product get stocked by buyers, noticed by consumers and dropped into shopping baskets, so they can discover how great it tastes.

There is nothing we relish more than developing a new brand or re-inventing one that’s past its sell by date.

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