You know your business and where you want to be. We know how to get you there.


You wouldn't ask a trainee cook to develop a new recipe - an experienced chef would be more suitable for the job.

Equally why entrust your food marketing or drinks PR to anyone with less expertise than the team at Only Food & Drink? We have decades of experience in food retail marketing and restaurant PR.

Only Food & Drink is a specialist food and drink marketing consultancy working across traditional and digital media, recognising that everyone in the food and drink retail sector is different and every project unique.

There are a thousand voices in the market competing for your slice of the pie. Not only that, there are a thousand tiny details demanding your attention before you even make it to market.

We handle all of them. From media buying to event planning, market research to social media strategy.

We use our experience, our connections and our resources to make sure you're seen and heard (and maybe even tasted and smelled!)

We know how to create disruption in the marketplace, and discover a position that has been invisible to your competitors.

We don’t do off-the-shelf campaigns. We create bespoke food marketing and drinks PR strategies to build brands, shift products and get the tills ringing.

By defining a client's commercial goals and objectives, we create a menu for delivery.

This may involve a cocktail of drink marketing and food PR services, or a highly focused campaign that concentrates on one specific discipline such as beer branding or wine website design.